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Banding Groove Battens

Industrial Lumber's banding groove products allow banding to be specifically placed around an item, ensuring that the band will not slip or damage the product, creating a secure package and a stable surface for stacking.


Banding groove products can be custom cut and manufactured specifically for your packaging applications. We offer face and side grooves.


However you need to package, stack, or strap your product, we can provide the necessary material cut to your exact specifications.


We have the equipment and man-power to accommodate single or multiple truckloads, as well as the certifications to meet your mandated export requirements. 


We can work with you, offering value-added knowledge, with regard to cut lengths, groove sizes and weight requirements.


Industrial Lumber can offer a variety of solutions to help you find the most economical way to package your product.

Crating Materials

Industrial Lumber inventories hardwood, softwood, and a wide variety of panel products for use in crating materials. 
With our extensive remanufacturing capabilities, we can produce a custom crate, no matter how small, or how large the project is.
Depending on your specific requirements, we can produce any volume of crates from small order to multiple truckload orders.
Industrial Lumber realizes that no two applications are alike, so we can be as diverse as your needs.

Wood Crates and Boxes


Built from varying species and grades, we can create a unique specialized crate or box to effectively ship your product. Open air, solid or slatted crates can be built to your specifications by size and/or by weight, in high and low volumes, dependent on your requirements.


We can also offer suggestions and alterations to aide in designing the best packing solution possible.



ISPM-15 Heat Treated Crates


We can provide Pest resistant (ISPM-15) and Heat Treated (HT) stamped wood crates that meet all export shipping requirements, not only in North America, but also internationally. 



Knock Down


Shipping crate parts, assembled in a "kit" format, allow our customers to build the crates on-site as necessary with minimal man-hours and maximum storage utilization.

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