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Pallets & Skids

Custom Pallets


We can custom build any pallet type according to customer supplied specifications for species, size, and weight, as well as other requirements. We also build standard two-way, four-way, solid deck, and block pallets, among others. Tell us your needs and let us help meet your requirements.

Custom Engineered Pallets


Designed specifically for your product by our trained team of sales represntatives, technicians, engineers, and production managers, we can assist you in maximizing efficiency and truck space by the use of two-way or four-way entry pallets. Products are built to order or can be built and stored until needed.

ISPM-15 / Heat Treated Pallets & Skids


We can provide Pest resistant (ISPM-15) and Heat Treated (HT) stamped pallets and skids that can help your company grow globally. Our export lumber certification stamps will allow your products to move across borders without delay, ensuring timely, safe delivery to your customers.

Pallet Design System (PDS) Performance Rated Pallets


Industrial Lumber utilizes PDS, a unique pallet engineering program, to assist us in guiding our industrial users in selecting the proper components to build a safe, economical and efficient pallet platform on which to move their products. PDS allows us to minimize the amount of lumber used, alter the size and location of deck boards and stringers, while maintaining the quality and strength necessary for your packaging needs.

Customer "Repair & Return" (R&R) Programs


Pallet R&R programs aide in offsetting the cost of new pallets byy reusing old pallets in an economical and efficient way. As transportation plays a large part in the success of R&R programs, Industrial Lumber, with it's own trucking and logistics divisions, is uniquely suited to facilitate the pickup and return of the recycled pallets. Our pallet R&R programs can be designed on an individual basis to meet your specific needs.

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